Designed with you in mind.

Providing quality handmade jewelry to complement your personal style.

“May your walls know joy.
May each room hold laughter and may every window open to great possibility.”

Transform your home with our sophisticated handcrafted décor. At Your Diva Depot we are committed to creating timeless wood signs, wall art and décor accessories to inject charm, character and style into every room of your home or office. Our thought provoking, inspirational products will brighten up your space and add a dose of positivity and upliftment. We also specialize in handmade jewelry to help make your loved ones look and feel special. We take great pride in our custom jewelry designs. Each jewelry collection features beautiful colors, shapes and patterns.

Embark on our Etsy Experience

Our Etsy store is your one stop shop for all things handmade. Through our Etsy store, we’re able to share our products and passion with shoppers across the world. Here you can custom order selected handmade décor and jewelry items.

Let Us Create for You

We’re happy to create customized handmade décor and jewelry just for you. We also provide customized handcrafted décor for weddings, parties, bridal showers or any special event. Our jewelry collections are perfect for gift giving, custom orders and exclusive events. Just let us know what you’re looking for and our creative team will do our best to accommodate your special request.

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Let our handmade wall décor be a blessing to your home or office

Explore our selection of handcrafted jewelry featuring eclectic colors, shapes and designs.

About Tanya

Tanya Tucker has a true love for crafting and helping other women.

She has helped countless women achieve goals they never could have imagined through direct sales. In her 20 years of experience she has achieved, and helped others achieve, free vehicles, trips, gifts, money as well as financial freedom. Tanya has found a “perfectly imperfect” way to share her passions for handmade home decor, jewelry and more through Your Diva Depot. She discovered her love of crafting as a child, and has continued creating beautiful, handmade objects for her family and friends throughout her life. Although crafting seems an unlikely way to help people, Tanya has seen firsthand the joy created by coming home to a beautifully decorated space. Personalized, handpicked décor adds warmth and a feeling of peace to our spirit in our ever-chaotic lives. A simple touch of décor or jewelry fosters emotions of love and confidence for your home or personal style. Watch your life transform while your home space becomes a tranquil escape and your style represents the strong, empowered person you truly are.

Tanya has seen these transformations and has found her life’s purpose in seeing women light up and sit up with confidence at the sight of their newly decorated home and fresh, meaningful pieces of jewelry. Tanya is a military wife and a mother of three young men. She lives with her family in Richmond Hill, GA. Her husband, James Tucker, lends a laboring hand with an incredibly grounding presence. Working alongside each other, Tanya and James love spreading joy into the lives of others.

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